Days went by and Hamelin was free from rats.

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This was noticed.

The mayor's office took full responsibility, claiming the strict regimen of fasting and prayer finally paid off.


The Fourth Estate, Venerated Stewards of Public Opinionâ„¢, took to ruminating on the historical significance of the event.

“Will they sing about Dick Mayor III and the Great Rat Deluge we've just supposedly put behind us with as much fervor and adoration as they sing about his father?”

Mayor Dick Mayor's father, Mayor Dick Mayor Jr., was the mayor of Hamelin during the Big Pigeon Blitzkrieg of the previous generation. They still sung sentimental songs about his exploits.


“I think so. Absolutely, Chuck. Trey Mayor is a reformist and a visionary, a true intellectual with a Mandate of Heaven. His place in history is guaranteed.”

“Oh, Sancho, you liberals are so full of shit, you endanger Hamelin with your stupidity. Your loved ones should lynch you for the common good. Dick Mayor is an ineffectual commie queeirdo who’ll be the first against the wall when the true patriots of Hamelin rise up against the oppression of the arugula-latte-sipping elites...”

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